Artisan Glass Memorial Swirl Bead Necklace


What does “Universe” mean to you? For some it is the space our solar system resides in. For others it may bring to mind a person, a loved one. How many times have you heard someone refer to another person as his or her “Universe”? The Universe is as expansive as all of space and beyond, or as small as this artisan glass memorial swirl bead necklace, where you can carry your love with you forever.

  • Sterling Silver 22″ Adjustable Chain
  • Sterling Pendant
  • Artisan Lampwork Glass Bead
  • Many color combinations available upon request
  • Pricing starts at $240

This beautiful bead design shows the ash winding and flowing through the center.

Artisan Glass Memorial Swirl Bead Necklace Tammy Rae Wolter