Loss hurts.

No matter how prepared you think you are the shock hits you like a tidal wave
and it’s hard to breathe.  No one can bring back your loved one,
but you can begin to regain some semblance of control,
to keep something of what was with you.

Let me help. I’m Tammy Rae, and this is Memorial Glass by Tammy Rae.



Everyone has their own journey when it comes to tragic events and death.

My times of grief have been overwhelming in my own life. Reeling emotionally, I sought counseling, connected with God, close friends & my precious family, dove into my art and survived my grief.

Art has always been a safe place of solace for me and during this time I discovered the wonder of glass.

Keep the memory of your loved one with you for a lifetime by allowing me to incorporate precious ash into our unique keepsake art glass.

It would be my honor if you placed your trust in me to create this very special kind of art as a memorial for you.

Once your loved ones ashes are in my possession they will be treated with the upmost respect as if they belonged to a member of my own family.

Using ancient techniques, your loved ones’ ash is carefully melted and mixed with artisan glass.  From there, I use this ash infused glass to create your one of a kind memorial work of art.

The ash creates tiny sprays of air bubbles within the glass.  How much or how little of this beautiful element will vary with each piece.